Our Team


Paul Seidl, Lead Pastor

About Me:
I did not grow up having a relationship with Jesus, but surrendered my life to Him at a new church in Minneapolis, MN, during college. After serving in the church in various endeavors, my wife Stephanie and I felt convinced that we were not doing enough to bring the hope of Jesus to people who are farSeidl Family from God. We asked ourselves, “What are we going to do about it? Do we want to continue to be part of a generation that lets the church die, or is God calling us to make a difference?” We received a call from a friend (thanks Russ) who was planting a church in Peoria, IL. He asked us if we would be interested in planting a movement of churches to reach Peoria and beyond – and we said yes.  We spent 5 years working with Ignite Church in Peoria, IL, started a campus of Ignite Church in Sunnyland in 2015, and in September of 2018 we spun off that campus into what is Legacy Church.  We love Sunnyland and what God is doing here in this community. 



This is the group of volunteer leaders who lead each of our ministry teams and make the church move.  Contact them if you have a question regarding one of our ministry teams.


Chris 01

Administrative Ministry Team Leader - Chris Kretschman



Compassion Ministry Team Leader - Carrie Kerr




First Impressions Ministry Team Leader - Robin Kretschman



Legacy Kids Ministry Team Leader - Lisa Kron


Legacy Youth Ministry Team Leader - Carol Oliver


Tech Ministry Team Leader - Jamie Nelson



Worship Ministry Team Leader - Stephanie Seidl